miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Xtreme Tech LLC: An Offensive Security Startup

Finally are finishing our first commercial product 'LeakVM', and be published under our company 'Xtreme Tech'.

LeakVM fast security test on Android, by skipping the time consuming build pentest laboratories, you test on real devices, do not need root your smartphone. LeakVM makes researchers and pentesters more productive since they can run test on real time and on real environments.

Our technology uses the same techniques used in criminal software, but in a controlled environment, you always have control over the SDK, our product, gives you a real approach against real malware and/or real attacks.

Current features:

  • Linux common features
  • Dynamic library loading
  • Native/VM library injection
  • Private file extractor
  • Privilege escalation
  • KeyStore extraction
  • Advanced reflection
  • Core Observers
  • Extensible

We are currently under development, in a short time LeakVM will be available to the public with 10 days Trial Free, you can test our Web Interface, and check our JavaDoc

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